Welcome to Wholesale Chopsticks.com

Thanks for visiting us at Wholesale Chopsticks.com! We have a wonderful selection of bulk chopsticks primarily oriented for restaurants such as:

  • Disposable chopsticks with custom printed wrappers with your restaurant graphics
  • Bamboo chopsticks with custom printed wrappers for corporate events
  • Dishwasher safe reusable chopsticks for eco reuse.
  • High quality inexpensive chopsticks to sell at your counter or retail store.
  • Bulk chopsticks.

We have over 50 styles of inexpensive chopsticks to fit every taste and need. In addition we carry other hard to find restaurant tableware such as soup spoons and sauce dispensers.

  • Minimum order: $100.00 ($10.00 handling fee for orders less than $100.00)
  • Interested in just a few chopsticks? Not a reseller or restaurant? Try Everything Chopsticks.com.